Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FREE Late show w/Hair Rocket and Aderbat at Monkey Town  9/24

September 22, 2009 by hairrocket


The subversive follicle movement comes to Brooklyn this Thursday. Monkeytown will host the absurd antics of super-hyped indie band Hair Rocket. Labeled by critics as “mysterious and bizarre” . Sharing the bill isAderbat, from Williamsburg/Philly set to play their fragile blend of euphoric melancholia.  They’ll  be previewing mostly unheard music from their upcoming release to the projected backdrop of  psychedelic Film artist Michael Vincent.

how to hair rocket(@300)

See Hair Rocket  Live 


Hair Rocket/Aderbat


58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211



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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ROUSTABOUT Tonight! BAR BLEU State College

we're about to get in the adervan to visit state college to play an infamous Roustabout! show.
sandwiched between djs we'll be the only band tonight playing about 15 tunes....see you there
and the door is $3 yeah!

the address of Bar=114 S. Garner St., State College, PA 16801

Sunday, February 22, 2009

TONIGHT-Johnny Brendas w/obi best and caves of mercury

Tonight we swing tonight we sway. We're back at Johnny Brendas  playing in the middle of the evening with Obi Best and Caves Of Mercury......that should put us on around ten.  Here are some songs i know we'll be playing-

Two headed Swan 
No One Would Notice
Busted Cars
The Otherhalf

we hope see you there.  
above photo by: zach eggleston

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DEli magazine show JAN 29th

I believe we hit the stage second to last  before the New Motels,  see you there.........................................

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Belong to the Sea


did i miss you somewhere
in my shadows
in your dark place
cause we're lost in some world
clothed in nothing and the buildings busting
and we're spilling out into the street
and we're stuck there frozen
packed in bottles
left there idle
and I'm trying hard to stay asleep

and it's all because we belong to the sea
where we never mention
how this came to be

and the storm waits outside
and he lives to haunt you
cause he walks like i do
and he wants to know
where you sleep
but around the corner
the bricks are shifting
so i keep from blinking
and every day it repeats
it repeated like these conversations

and its all because
we belong to the sea
where we never mention
how this came to be
how this came to be

this is the tittle track. this about being connected beyond the physical, in the murky depths of the sea. unreal is real, hours are minutes, thinking is touching.

here is your download

We Belong to the Sea

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Track 10 No One Would Notice


i wanna run into your plastic prison
i want to bring with me a wrecking ball
so you know you're not so lonely to see
the curse of being born

but you're still too far to fold in the past luck
while I'm tripping on the red tape

i get nearer to the ground and listen
the course is marrow in our bones
and your only crime was all your guessing
and i wish i didn't know

but you're steering with no eyes on the road dear
and I'm tuning like a dead radio
so take my turn to smash in the brake lights
while you're reaching just to save it

i'll be there too
i'll be there too
i'll be there too
i'll be there

so who sleeps behind your bedroom mirror
who whispers darkly in your ear
if you died you think no one would notice
when you cry you think no one will hear

so I’m steering with no eyes on the road dear
and you're tuning like a dead radio
so i take my turn to smash in the brake lights
we go round and round and round

i'll be there too
i'll be there too
i'll be there too
i'll be there

say, i don't mind walls
when I'm inside them
hold still we should sit and
watch as our blood pours in

we all suffer and your not special

here is your download...

No One Would Notice


BUSY AS FUCK and other such things

well,  i've taken a little break from the internet since our show at the Pipedown.  Which was by the way an awesome nite at the coolest speakeasy around(above, photo by zack eggleston).   at the moment we're finishing our new record and we all seem to be hustling looking for work to keep it all going.  unfortunately our five tails studio flooded in saturdays storms.  though, a little(a shit load) of water never stopped us from moving on.  come out to next week to philly  before christmas.    get on your johns and stay warm.   here are some additions to this blog... yrs,m